Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sharks on land\\

Hi everyone, what's happening ?
So in the last post I was talking about how I was working on a concept of my own and I think I'm finally ready to elaborate a bit :]

I really wanted to mix an abstract and weird idea with realistic visuals and try to give it a dark and grungy vibe.
So I came up with an idea to make a series of cinematic black and white (or low saturation frames) in which I'd show different species of sharks circling people on land.
the idea was that the people being hunted by the sharks should be in situations where they have no idea in how much trouble they are, but it wouldn't take long for them to find out.
It would kinda be that "silence before the storm" moment.

Since I recently visited Death Valley together with lovely my parents here in California I decided the first frame should be a desolated desert landscape.
I Thought it'd be funny if the person in this frame would be trying to do his thing in the outhouse and
2 sharks would be relentlessly waiting for him to come out.
Maybe I'll leave the door open a bit and let the toilet paper roll out or something but I'm not entirely sure about that.

So I started by making some concepts to try and wrap my head around it:

After I felt confident enough that the idea had potential I decided to continue in 3d, so I moved to 3ds max and tried to do some composition layouts:

As you can see I changed the composition elements quite a few times.
Mostly because I felt they were cluttering up the frame and it felt too busy for a desolated desert landscape.
Also after the second frame I switched from the standard max scanline rendered to Vray.

After I felt I found a suiting composition it was time to start working on the sharks.
First I photobashed and painted a concept of what kind of proportions I wanted for the shark and then moved to zbrush:

After the sculpting was done I tried to quickly incorporate the shark into the frame to see if it would work:

I was quite happy with the result so I continued and started to properly shade and texture the shark in a vray IBL rendered test scene:

Well that's all I got for now but I'm working on it everyday.
Hope you guys like it and are as excited as I am at the moment :]
More soon !

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