Sunday, September 13, 2015

Long time No see

Holy shit, where to begin\\
I's been a while since I posted here, about 3 years I believe and damn a lot has changed.
I am going to try and continue where I left off.

About 2 months after the last blogpost I left for Prague to join the ranks of 2K Czech in Prague, had an amazing time there and met a lot of great people who I will remember for the rest of my life.
Prague is a beautiful city with and amazing night life, I heard people calling it Disney land for grown ups and I don't think I could find any better description.

But everything has to come to an end and so did that adventure.
At some point they closed down the studio and people had to move to either Brno (another city in Czech) or Novato, CA (a city bit north of San Francisco).
This was around February/March 2014.
I had the opportunity to move to California and I took it.

This decision ended up starting one of the hardest and shittiest but luckily rather short chapter of my life.

Although the job at the new studio here was an absolute dream I moved into a small shithole called San Rafael.

I spend a few hard months here, just passing the bland pile of shitdays waiting for it to end.
Luckely one of my college friends and ex colleagues got an offer at our studio, moved to California and stayed at my place for the last 2-3 months of the SR life.
The timing couldn't almost 've been better, the period of my rent lease was almost over and since we would be able to afford a better place together we had a chance to get the hell out of there.

This was the beginning of a new chapter.
Geert (the college buddy) and I moved to San Francisco and this place has been great so far.
There's always stuff to do in San Francisco.
The life here feels very vivid and fast paced, I like it, it makes me feel alive and inspired.

Enough about the personal life stuff, don't think anyone is waiting for me to continue blabbering on about.

Art is where it's at.

During my time in Prague work offered us to take sculpting classes and drawing classes in an academy/atelier.
Although I did some drawing classes first I really wanted to learn sculpting with clay.
I enrolled in classes with the very talented Magdalena Poplawska and had a great time making some of the plaster sculptures below.


Hope you like it.
There's a lot more art I did in the last 3 years but I feel like this post is getting absurdly long so I'm going to keep it at this for now :]

Expect more soon.

Cheers, J

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