Sunday, September 20, 2015


Hey guys, what's up ?
Felt it was about time to post a little update on some stuff I've been doing but never really showed.
One of them is a project around a graphic novel called Blacksad.
If you haven't heard of Blacksad it's definitely worth checking out.

Anyway I wanted to make a frame out of one of the books (below) in 3d, so I started on it some time ago.

However the longer I worked on it the more I felt like it wasn't going to get finished any time soon.
The reason behind that is that I missed being creative in my mind and make my own ideas instead of other people's ideas.
This is why I started another personal project recently with an idea of my own but I'll talk about that  soon!

Some screenshots:

Hope you guys like it.
I might get back to it sooner but we'll see :]

Thanks for stopping by,


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